Angelos Paraschakis


Once upon a time an Account Director for DDB Athens. In 2021, Angelos celebrates his 20 years‘ anniversary as one of DDB’s finest CEOs.


Dobrinka Paraschakis


When she is not handling the improvement of Internet metrics in Bulgaria, she is managing our group’s media operations. Dobrinka is a superwoman. Her digital savviness can blow you away.

Yoana Pancheva

Executive Director

Always hungry for good food and good ads. A mother of two and a mother figure to the entire agency. Started out as an Account Executive, now she runs the place.

Mihaela Kamishev

Client Service Director

I’m a ginger head with a soul. Cool, yeah? Loves breakdancing, Cocker Spaniels and being good. That’s how she dances her way into our (clients’) hearts.

Yordan Zhechev

Creative Director

An absolute monolith of mischief. Can craft both words that touch and words that punch.

Iliya Grigorov

Creative Director

Part-time rapper. Full-time dank meme enjoyer. Music nerd. All qualities that make him a top notch asset when a creative crisis occurs.


Vasil Petrakov

Creative Director, Film Director

Creating amazingly interesting things to compensate for my amazing uninterestingness. Creates. Directs. Loves quality TV. Goes to a sports camp. Can beat you at any board game, including the one he’s currently working on. In two words – a total creative sportsman.